Dear Student,
Christian Otto Josef Wolfgang Morgenstern once said... 
“Home – is not place where you live, but where they understand you”.
Polish academic cities with their beautiful old towns, cafes, restaurants, museums, markets offers not just a place to study but place to live and enjoy student life … It is our attempt to convey you a little bit of the beauty of Poland and make it accessible to you. Welcome on our site. We are pleased to offer the unique apartments for students from China, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Portugal, Italy and other countries all over the world. We understand needs, expectations and wishes even of the most demanding students. Welcome the opportunity to rent Well Maintained - Well Furnished - Well Equipped apartment. Our apartments are very often in Post-card locations, close to universities, few stops from the historic and beautiful monuments and churches, close to shops, malls, clubs and cafes. Our apartments give you opportunity to live near your university. In the neighborhood of our apartments you will find place to relax and have fun. Almost every apartment offers you high speed Internet, cable TV - washing machine, TV.... and of course all the practical things like linen, kitchenware etc.
We invite You to contact.